Woodfire & Raku Firing Extravaganza with CCC


Woodfire & Raku Firing Extravaganza with CCC (ID# 2021-6015)

19 seats (can be waitlisted)


Ages: 18+

Woodfire loading @CCC: Monday, October 25
Woodfire start @CCC: Wednesday, October 27
Raku firing @CCC: Thursday, October 28

Come one come all to the 171 and Corning Community College Woodfire Raku Firing Extravaganza! 171 students are joining with CCC students to cooperatively fire the unique Glassagama woodfired kiln on the CCC campus. 171 students enrolled in a Fall 1 Ceramics class have the additional option to make work to go in the wood kiln and/or into a raku firing. The woodfiring will start loading on Monday, October 25 gets lit on Wednesday, October 27 and will finish on Thursday, October 28 as the extravaganza culminates with the ever-exciting raku firing process in the parking lot next to the woodkiln at CCC. CPP high school art students are slated to assist and experience these awesome techniques first-hand. Even if you aren’t a clay student come to watch the fascinating process of pulling red hot pots out of the fire, cheer on our collaborators, and learn about these thrilling methods of the ceramic arts.

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