Still Life Oil Painting | Summer 20-21


Still Life Oil Painting with Marc Rubin | Summer (2021-5907)

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Ages: 16+
Thursdays, 5:30–8:00 pm

PLEASE NOTE: the dates have been adjusted since first posted. There is now a no class date on 7/29!

July 15 to September 2, 2021 (7 weeks)
No Class Dates: 7/29/21
Location: Drake House—Art Studio

Instructor: Marc Rubin

Class will focus on painting a still life in the style of the old masters. Bring your painting to life by painting many thin layers of your subject, bringing them forward from a dark background in a realistic manner. Dramatic and dynamic, Marc will help you develop your piece week to week for a final piece that will impress. Bring your brushes, or shop from Marc’s recommendations below. Paint, mediums, terpenoid, and boards are provided.

The following recommended brushes should be bright or filbert style.

Red Sable Brushes
Size 4, Size 6, Size 12

Hog Hair Bristle Brushes
Size 3, Size 6, Size 10

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