Introduction to Screen-Printing & Digital Arts


Intro to Screen-Printing & Digital Techniques | Spring II (2021-5840)


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Ages: 13+
Saturday, 12:00 – 3:00 pm
May 15, 2021 (1 day)
Location: Drake House – Ackerman Art Room

Instructor: Katherine Fultz


Come explore how to use hand-made silk screens to decorate stationery, tote bags and more! In this workshop you’ll learn different techniques for making your own silk screen designs, including how to use common crafting materials. We’ll practice registering our screens to create multicolor prints on both paper and fabric. Finally, we’ll explore how to use digital tools to take your silk screen projects to the next level! You’ll leave the workshop with two silk-screened
projects: a set of greeting cards and a tote bag.


— understand how to use screen printing as a technique for surface design
— understand the three primary methods of creating screen designs (contact paper/ vinyl, drawing fluid, photoresist), and the benefits and limitations of each
— understand how multiple screens are used to create multicolor prints
— stretch a screen using an embroidery hoop
— design and cut by hand two geometric designs from contact paper
— print the geometric design using one ink to create a monocolor print
— print the geometric design using two inks, registering and overlapping to create three colors
— explore how to use digital tools such as vector illustration + a cutting machine to create intricate vinyl- based screens


In this workshop, students will create a screen printed piece of framable art, a set of 4 greeting cards, and a tote bag. Students will first use contact paper to create a bold graphic print design on paper, and then on a tote bag. Students will then create a smaller, multi-tonal geometric pattern to print onto 2 greeting cards. We will learn how to index colors, register screens, and selectively overlap the designs to create a multi-color print using two screens. Finally, we will
look at how to use digital tools to create more intricate screens with a vinyl cutting machine. Students will have the option of printing 2 more greeting cards with this new design, or using their first screens to round out the set.


1) We’ll start with a 15 min overview of what screen printing is, and different techniques for making screen stencils.

2) Then we’ll jump in to actually making our screens! We’ll stretch the mesh over our frames. Then we’ll cut designs from contact paper and arrange them on our screens.

3) We’ll pair up, and make our first prints on paper. We’ll discuss how to achieve even pressure on the screen to make a clean print, how to hold the squeegee, and best practices for applying ink.

4) We’ll talk about ways to go back and embellish our prints with hand-drawn lines, collage, or other media.

5) We’ll get to work on our second screen, a secondary color to complement the first! We’ll discuss how to index colors when designing, screen registration, and how to overlap screens to achieve creative color effects.

6) In pairs, we’ll pull two prints on our greeting cards, using two different colors of ink. Then we’ll do the same on our tote bags!

7) Finally, we’ll explore how to use a cutting machine to create intricate screen designs. We’ll go over what types of designs are appropriate for cutting machines and how to format them for cutting.

8) Using pre-selected designs (provided either by the instructor or the students), we will format and cut the designs on the cutting machines, transfer them to our screens, and print our final greeting cards.


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