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Fun K-Pop Dance Workshop | Summer 21-22


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Fun K-Pop Dance Workshop | Summer 21-22 (2022-6355)

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Ages: 12+
Wednesday, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
August 24, 2022 (1 day)
Location: Bruce House - Ballroom
Instructor: Josephine Schelling

Fun K-Pop Dance Workshop

Josephine is a third year college student with a passion for dance. She takes dance classes at her university and is an active member of one of the dance clubs there, Klover CWRU. Ever since she found a special interest in the K-Pop style of dance performed by dancers and artists in South Korea, she has learned and practiced these dances in her spare time. As part of her school's K-Pop dance club, she has taught, rehearsed, and performed with groups in many school venues and for recordings online. She loves dancing, teaching, and working hard to always improve.

For this two hour workshop with Josephine Schelling, we will learn the pre-chorus and chorus sections of dance for one K-pop song. We will learn a dance to the song 'Pop' by Nayeon!

We will begin with a short warm up and Josephine will demonstrate the dance. We will then begin learning each move, practicing section by section with counting. There will be time to answer any questions or review sections. Once everyone knows the dance, we would do it with music, starting at 50% speed and slowly increasing to 100%.

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