Floral Stationery Design | Spring II 20-21


Floral Stationery Design | Spring II (2021-5841)


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Ages: 13+
Saturday, 12:00 – 3:00 pm
June 19, 2021 (1 day)
Location: Drake House – Ackerman Art Room

Instructor: Katherine Fultz


Learn how to combine traditional, “wet” media with digital tools to create a beautiful floral stationery set! In this workshop, students will learn basic watercolor techniques for creating a
simple floral illustration. Then we will digitally “clean up” our watercolor paintings, learning how to use digital tools to create variations of our designs.


— learn how to digitize traditional media with or without a scanner
— explore techniques for “cleaning up” wet media for digital reproduction such as: background removal, spot healing, and color adjustment
— discuss and practice how to “componetize” wet media illustrations to make digital design more efficient and appear more natural
— explore how to use clipping masks in conjunction with wet media scans to create textured shapes in digital designs and digital collages


Students will create two finished projects in this workshop: a floral “spot graphic” for a greeting card and a floral flat-stationery design. We will arrange the layout in class and export files for students to take home for printing.


1) We’ll begin with a discussion of how to paint simple floral shapes in watercolor. Students will look for the shapes “hidden” in the flower. They will start by painting the individual shapes that make up the blossom, thinking about the different ways these shapes can be combined to make a variety of flowers.

2) We will fill a page (or two!) with painted floral “parts”. When we have a variety of floral motifs, we will digitize the paintings by taking pictures with the iPads. We will discuss how to ensure a clean and accurate digitization of the painting. We will also talk about considerations for using a scanner, if that is an option students have at home.

3) Once our floral motifs are photographed, we’ll go over what programs students could use to edit them, and what initial edits they might want to make. We’ll fix lighting and white balance in iPhoto, and then import the photo into Procreate.

4) In Procreate, we’ll learn how to remove the background from our photos, clean up stray marks, adjust or change hues, and divide our motifs into separate layers.

5) After our scanned motifs are cleaned up, we’ll work on arranging our compositions. We’ll create two separate compositions on two different canvases: one bouquet arrangement for a greeting card, and one flat-lay stationery border that complements it. We’ll discuss canvas sizing, resolution, and color profiles.

6) When we’re happy with our compositions, we’ll move on to digital editing and embellishment. We’ll talk about how to decide between digital and traditional techniques, and why you might want to combine them. We’ll continue to tweak our compositions while discussing layer management and using masks.

7) Before we export, we’ll talk about a few fun filter and color editing features in Procreate, so that we can further adjust our images or create variations.

8) Finally, we’ll discuss best practices for exporting and printing. Students will be able to email their files to themselves, or upload them to a cloud storage space.


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