Bucktail Brush Workshop


Bucktail Brush Making Workshop (2019-4899)

10 seats (can be waitlisted)

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Ages: 13+
Saturday, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
March 2, 2019 (1 day)
Location: Bruce House – Woodcock Ceramics Studio

Instructor: Kirk Allen

Learn how to make your own paint brushes for watercolor, calligraphy, ceramic glazing, and more! Create flat, fanned, round, bright, filbert, or angle brushes of any size in this 1 day workshop. Before we begin, sample some of the brushes made by Instructor Kirk Allen. Once you have decided what kind of brushes you will make, begin cutting buck tail hairs. Then select a bamboo pole and cut to your desired brush length. Position the hairs and then secure them with glue and fishing line. Inspect your brushes and cut hairs to the desired shape and length. Learn how to care for your brushes and then take them home to fully dry. After 24 hours, your brushes will be ready to use! Students are encouraged to take their time during the 4 hour timeslot, but may leave once they finish their project. Supplies allow students to make 1-2 large brushes, or 3-4 small brushes.

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