Beginning Oil Painting for Teens & Adults | Spring 1 20-21


Beginning Oil Painting for Teens & Adults| Spring 1 (2021-5799)


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Ages Teen/Adult
Wednesdays, 6:00-8:00 PM
March 24 – May 5, 2021 (6 weeks)
No class dates: April 7, 2021
Location:  Art Room East

Instructor: Rebecca Finch

Rebecca will give instruction in both drawing and oil painting and guide students in painting from life in the Alla Prima method.  Alla Prima or Direct Painting simply means painting wet paint into wet paint normally from life as opposed to using photographs. Using this method, small paintings can usually be completed in one sitting.

During this class students will have learned how to draw and paint what they see, start to feel comfortable with their materials and have a good foundation for painting in oils. Students will complete drawing and painting sketches during each class and work on at least two oil paintings.

Since representational painting is achieved by good drawing skills, students will spend the first two classes learning how to correctly observe alignments, angles, negative space and value by drawing still life setups in conte’.

During the remaining four weeks students will learn about their oil painting materials such as the names, shapes and types of brushes, mediums, substrates, palettes, paint thinner, oil paints and how to care for their materials. Color mixing, edges, value, temperature, paint thickness, lighting, composition and many other topics will be demonstrated and discussed.

Each class, students will warm up with drawing or painting exercises, learn a new concept, watch a demonstration by Rebecca and then practice the skill while receiving guidance. Handouts will also be provided that will include main instructions and new terms to be familiar with.

Week 1:
-Drawing from the right side of the brain and envisioning the drawing

-Using alignments to place objects in relation to each other correctly

-Conquer angles and foreshortening

Week 2:
-Warm up with a conte’ sketch

-Using negative space

-Sighting and measuring

-Introduction to Value

Week 3:
-Warm up with a conte’ sketch

-Materials overview

-Value and squinting

-Still life sketching with black and white oil paints

Week 4:
-Warm up with Drawing and painting sketches

-Direct Painting method Instruction

-Color mixing

-Painting Sketches

Week 5:
-Warm up with Drawing and painting sketches

-Color Temperature Instruction

-Still life painting

Week 6:
-Warm up with Drawing and painting sketches

-Edges Instruction

-Still life painting

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