Art for Homeschoolers (Fall 1)


Art for Homeshoolers | Fall 1 (2020-5646)

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Ages: 8+
Thursdays, 10:00 am–12:00 pm
September 17-October 29, 2020 (6 weeks)
No Class Dates: None
Location: Drake House—Ackerman Art Studio West

Instructor: Anissa Boutwell

This is an art course geared toward teaching the fundamental aspects of art for those new to art and those with some experience.  The course will cover the fundamental elements of art—drawing, color, perspective, and composition.  The course is divided into five sessions.

The sessions will run as follows:

  • Part 1- Drawing Intensive (Materials, Shapes, Value, Color)
  • Part 2 – Intro to Color Theory
  • Part 3 – Perspective
  • Part 4 – How Light Works
  • Part 5 – Composition and Design


Below is a description of each session.


Part 1/Fall 1 Session – Drawing Intensive. This session will focus on fundamental elements of drawing. Various drawing media, grounds, and tools will be covered. Three-dimensional drawing will be taught, through the study of shapes, value, and edges. Color theory will be introduced.

Part 2/Fall 2 Session – Color Theory. This session will introduce color theory, from basic to more complex, through the medium of colored pencils.

Part 3/Winter Session – Perspective–Students will be introduced to one-point perspective, as well as two-point perspective. Ellipses and foreshortening will also be discussed. Students will learn to incorporate perspective into their own work.

Part 4/Spring 1 Session – How Light Works (Drawing Intensive, Part 2).  An in-depth look at how light works is explored. Students will continue to develop their understanding of shape, value, and composition. Use of charcoal, toned paper will be employed, as well as pencil.

Part 5/Spring Session – Composition and Design.  The final session will cover elements of composition—line relationships, shape themes, light/dark patterns, and more. Works by the Old Masters will be copied to see how composition is used in their works. Students will apply these compositional elements in their own works.


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