PRESIDENT $7,500-$10,000

Wendell Weeks and Kim Frock Weeks

BENEFACTOR $5,000-$7,499

Jim Flaws and Marcia Weber

PATRON $2,500-4,999

David and Susan Morse

CHAMPION $1,000-$2,499

Dwayne Thomas Neal

Jim and Sarah Michaelson

Richard and Judy Sphon

Anonymous (1)

Christine and Mike Pambianchi

ADVOCATE $750-$999

ARTIST $500-$749

Elizabeth Whitehouse

Doug and Linda Anderson

Xavier Lafosse and Therese Arliguie

PARTNER $200-$499

Tom Snow and Karen Meriwether

FRIEND $66-$199

Lee L. Kiesling

Kristin and Charles Swain

Denise Ackley

Brad Turner and Beth Hylen

Mr. and Mrs. Rajaram Bhat

Gerald Schmidt and Elise Johnson-Schmidt

Dr. and Mrs. Jimmie Williams

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Bush

Derek and Mary Woollatt

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cotton

Ms. Kimberly Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Duvid Smering

Rhonda Morton and J McKnight

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Berry

Ross and Amy Bell

Mr. and Mrs. John Robertson

Dr. and Mrs. David Austin

Dr. and Mrs. Fastiggi

Kirk and Cynthia Klingensmith

Martin and Linda van der Grinten

Cheryl Jordan

Pamela Hajcak

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Owlett

Lou and Peg Vogel

Ileen Kaplan and Michael Maxwell

Business Members

Finger Lakes Orthodontics


Multi Media Services


ARC Photographic Images


Johnson-Schmidt and Associates, Architects