171 Cedar Arts Center Bob Kinner Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence

Robert Lee “Bob” Kinner, a founding member of 171 Cedar Arts Center, was passionate about supporting artists and arts appreciators by building institutions and opportunities that brought art and community together. By providing musicians with a stage, artists with a gallery, and thinkers with forums for discussion, Kinner opened doors for an entire community, and those who enjoyed his company and his venues felt truly at home with the arts. This award was created to honor Kinner’s talent and foresight in enriching our wonderful community with the ability to experience the arts in so many ways.

Prior Recipients:

  • Dustin Boutwell – Visual Arts (2015)
  • Claire Gonta Smock – Music (2015)
  • Jacqueline Knitter – Language Arts (2015)
  • Patty Ozer – Dance (2016)
  • Carol & Doug Allan – Dance (2018)
  • Frances McLaren – Music (2018)
  • Duvid Smering (posthumous award) – Music (2018)
  • Dustin Boutwell – Visual Arts (2019)
  • Beth Hesch – Dance (2019)