Symbol + Symmetry

Animated, Still, and Interactive Works by

Brad Lewter & Jason Harrington

On Display in 171’s Houghton Gallery January 25 to February 15

Reception Friday, January 25, 5 – 8 PM | During Urban Arts Crawl

171 Cedar Arts Center is pleased to bring the work of Ithaca Artists Brad Lewter and Jason Harrington to Corning, NY. The work which features animation, video, still, and an interactive element is a first for 171. This unique exhibition opens during Corning’s Urban Arts Crawl on Friday, February 25 from 5-8 PM. Lewter and Harrington are both animators, but Lewter’s focus is more on new media and digital effects while Harrington uses classic hand-drawn techniques with modern story-telling. Both present work that is unusual, compelling, and beautifully vivid.

Brad Lewter and Jason Harrington are both animators living and working in Ithaca, NY. Their work differs in many aspects, with Jason focusing more on traditional hand-drawn animation and Brad working mainly in CG and other new media. However, their works share distinct threads that became very clear during the development of this exhibition. Both bodies of work regularly employ symbolism and symmetry to explore universal human narratives and archetypes.

Luminous forms, bodies, and symbols dance through the ephemeral flicker of the screen. The human condition is central yet abstracted in the symmetries and correspondences of form, composition, color, shape, and sound. We invite you to immerse your senses and hopefully glimpse the wonder, mystery, and love we felt in the creation of these works.

-Brad & Jason