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Penny Sterling

Penny teaches: Creative Writing

Penny Sterling says serious things in a funny way, and sometimes vice-versa. She’s a storyteller, a comedian, or an actor, depending on who’s asking and why. She’s written & performed solo shows, collaborative shows, TEDx talks, and even a sermon, because she never refuses stage time. Penny is also an adjunct professor at St.John Fisher in Rochester, NY, where she teaches public speaking, as well as a suicide crisis counselor for the 988 system.

In 2022, Penny performed & wrote a monologue for The Vagina Monologues, debuted her latest show “Someone No One Can See” with PUSH theatre at Blackfriars, toured the midwest with her solo show “ShMILF Life,” and wrote and performed two monologues for different Rochester Fringe shows, which may be why she was voted Rochester’s Best Actor by the readers of City Newspaper.

In 2023, Penny performed in a revival of The Vagina Monologues, which one state-wide accolades, including for her performances, took ShMILF Life in Cincinnati in June, and debuted her latest show: Mounting Washington, at the Rochester Fringe Festival in September. Penny’s next project is musical called “Penny and the Change.”
When not performing, she lives in a crooked little house in Swillburg with her cat, Contessa Sonja Grismonelda Isidora Purrington-Smölket von Füfensbaugh, and two ghosts, who only speak German. Or at least, only speak German around her.
Photo by Siobahn Fisher Photograpy

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