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Kirk Allen

Kirk Teaches: Wheel Throwing, Teen Pottery, Thrown Together, and Wheel Workshops

Kirk has been a Ceramic Artist for 25 years.  He has a Bachelor of Art: in Art, Theater, and Recreation, with a focus on Ceramic and Print Making from Northwestern Collage, Orange City, IA. He was a ceramics instructor at Orange Street Pottery, Wilmington, NC, and is currently teaching at 171 Cedar Arts Center, Corning, NY. He has taken classes at both locations, as well as at John C. Campbell Folk Arts School, Brasstown, NC, Over the years he has also attended many other ceramic workshops and Talks.  He currently works in a small pottery studio at home, with a focus on wheel-thrown functional wear.  He also enjoys helping out with his wife’s basket making, brewing beer with friends, cooking, and woodworking projects.

The focus of Kirk’s work is to make beauty that supports the joy found in the everyday.  For Kirk pottery is a personal journey of self-exploration and problem-solving.  In clay we can find where we come from and who we are.  The potter can dig clay from the ground, form it into a vessel, fire it with discarded brush, then add fresh vegetables from the garden and you have a meal to enjoy with friends.

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