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Katherine Fultz

Katherine Teaches: Digital Art Workshops

Katherine is an illustrator and surface designer in Corning, NY. Although she is not formally trained in art, Katherine grew up surrounded by artists of all stripes and inherited an eclectic interest in the visual arts. She has worked as an ethnographic photographer in Latin America, a web and graphic designer, and now designs fabric, stationery, and jewelry.

Although she loves to paint in gouache and other wet media, she has switched almost entirely to the iPad for its flexibility and convenience (particularly with two kids running around– no clean-up!). She especially loves combining traditional and digital media to create bright, cheerful, and whimsical designs.

Katherine moved to Corning with her husband, two kids, and three cats in 2019. Prior to NY, she lived in Southeast Missouri; Los Angeles; Ann Arbor, MI; Dayton, OH; St Louis, MO; Guatemala; Santiago, Chile; and Chicago. She really hopes she won’t have to move again. When she’s not painting, you can find her running, hiking, gardening, or cooking. She is also a registered yoga teacher.

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