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Jason Wolff

Program:Ceramics, Fencing

Jason Teaches: Ceramics Classes for Children and Adults

Jason Wolff has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ceramics) degree from Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio. Jason has been working with clay for over 30 years, and established Jason Wolff Pottery in 1998. He currently works from his home studio in Corning, New York, with the assistance of his wife Sara. Jason’s pottery draws upon historic designs of 18th and 19th century Europe, Asia, and America. His pottery is meant to be functional, using traditional shapes and silhouettes, and altering the surface through manipulating the form with various tools and techniques. The work is then fired in a kiln under oxidation atmosphere conditions to over 2200oF and decorated with glazes made in-house from his family recipes. The altered forms allow the glazes to break across the surface of the pottery, creating interesting and unique characteristics within each pot. His decorative work features heirloom quality one-of-a kind forms, with his goal to create unique hand-made pieces that will be cherished for years to come.

Jason has taught ceramics classes for children and adults for over 13 years. He is also a fencing instructor and taught at Columbus Fencing & Fitness from 2012-2019.

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