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Christian DeLamielleure


Christian Teaches: Wheel Throwing

Our deepest humanity is found in our ability to solve problems associated with making our work better. We become the active agents rather than passive consumers of mechanical, generic solutions. This is why people seek out the experience of creating ordinary objects and why the market for these objects continues to exist even though a machine can crank out millions of copies for a fraction of the cost. It has become unusual for one person to start with a raw material and oversee the design, manufacture, and distribution of an object.

I enjoy making 3-D functional objects which incorporate Art Nouveau themes and shapes. Inspired by the thinking of William Morris, I see my pieces as a means for users to connect in a tactile way with their environment. While modern production techniques don’t allow for the character of the maker to show through, traditional methods necessitate it. Since we live in an increasingly homogenized world, the role of handmade objects has changed from the strictly utilitarian to an enhancement of our physical surroundings. More than decoration, handmade objects change the way we interact with our world. The feel of life is enhanced by objects that tell a story.

Christian is an instructor of wheel throwing and handbuilding classes at 171. He loves to teach students how to “throw big!”

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