Safety First at 171!

Active Classes including all dance and Tai Chi will be held via Zoom for the remainder of the year. We currently are planning to resume in-person classes after winter break starting in January.

We have made operational accommodations to help our visitors, members, students, and our staff and faculty enjoy being at 171 in a safe and fun manner. We request that you register online for classes  or call to register at (607)936-4647. Seats for classes are limited and may not be reserved before payment is made. If you have questions, please call the number above or email us at We are happy to answer any questions you may have about classes or tuition credits.

What’s New? What to Expect?

We have guidelines and measures in place to make sure your visit is safe and enjoyable.

Masks and Health Screening

  • All visitors (over the age of 2) and staff and faculty are required to wear a face covering in public spaces while on the 171 Cedar Arts Center campus.
  • Please bring your own mask.
  • All guests will be health screened at the main entrance to each building which includes a temperature check, answering NYS screening questions, and signing into (and out of) the building. We are requesting contact tracing information.
  • All staff and faculty are also required to participate in health screenings each time they enter a 171 Cedar Arts Center building.
  • If you have a temperature of 100.4°F or greater, we’ll kindly ask that you and your party plan to visit us another day.
  • Social distancing efforts will be in effect throughout the 171 premises. Please follow directions on posted signs to ensure social distancing and on floor markings for directional flow.

Arrival for Classes

  • Entrance to the Drake House (155 Cedar Street) and the Bruce House (171 Cedar Street) is through the main Cedar Street entrance only, except for those needing accommodations. Other doors are noted as exits.
  • Please plan to arrive ready for class, as close to the start of class time as possible. Under Phase 4 Guidelines, we are limited to 25% of total building capacity. If you need to wait for a younger child, limited seating is available to ensure social distancing. We are also trying to keep changing clothes for class onsite to a minimum. Thank you for your cooperation!
  • For the time being, we will not offer concession snacks.
  • The water fountains will be closed, and refrigerator water dispensers will be unavailable. Please bring your own water.
  • Please note maximum capacity for each room, as posted.



Will you require masks for visitors?

Yes. According to the New York State executive order, face coverings must be worn in public. As a public location, we will require that masks be worn by all guests (over the age of 2) and staff when they’re on 171’s campus.  Gaiters, shields, and masks with valves have not been proven to stop the spread of COVID-19. They are not acceptable face coverings.

Will 171 Cedar Arts Center provide masks if I don’t have my own?

We ask that you please bring your own mask when you visit 171.
If you forget your mask, we have disposable masks on hand.

What is 171 doing to keep visitors and students safe?

In addition to health screening and professional cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing of shared spaces and high touch surfaces will be conducted several times throughout the day by staff members. A log will be kept of all the cleaning practices in each building. Touchless hand sanitizers are available at each entrance and sign in station. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are conveniently located in each learning space  on campus. Signage has been placed in each building with individual room capacity, and to remind all to maintain social distancing requirements and safe usage of our facilities. 171 has installed air purification units in each studio and classroom and is using an electrostatic sprayer daily to thoroughly disinfect surfaces. Our premises are professionally cleaned twice weekly.


Will temperature readings be taken at each entrance?

Yes, we will have infrared thermometers at the entrance to each building, at the Check In stations. We ask that everyone has their temperatures taken upon entering our buildings for your safety and ours.

What if I have a temperature?

If  you are feeling unwell or it is discovered that you have a temperature, we’ll kindly ask that you and your party plan to visit us when you are feeling better or no longer have a fever.

Will social distancing be managed by individual or by party I’m visiting with?

Social distancing will be by party (people you are visiting with). We will have signage to indicate spaces that have capacity requirements.


Can I register in person?

While you can register in person at the front desk of the Drake House (155 Cedar Street), it is our strong preference that you register for classes online or by phone.

What if I am at 171 and forgot to register for class or camp ahead of time?

Assuming there is space available in the class or camp, you may register at the Front Desk at the Drake House.

Will you accept cash?

Electronic forms of payment help reduce touch points, but we will accept all forms of payment.