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  • to ensure the future of our community’s home for the arts

  • to expand 171’s innovative programming

  • to enable inclusivity of arts education through 171’s scholarship program

  • to make a difference in our creative community!


For more than 50 years, 171 Cedar Arts Center has provided a warm home for the arts in a charming residential neighborhood in downtown Corning. 171 brings culture, creativity, and vibrancy to our community from its thriving campus of two historic buildings. It also serves our community with active outreach programs; partnering with libraries, schools, museums, and social service organizations to deliver arts opportunities that inspire imaginations, foster confidence, and build skills in children and adults.

171 Cedar Arts Center is a thriving destination for artistic experiences in dance, ceramics, music, theater, visual arts, culinary arts, language, and more. The campus features regional artists in the Houghton Gallery and hosts intimate performances in the Drake House Studio Theater.

Not only is 171 Cedar Arts Center one of the largest employers of artists in the region, it also is a featured resource for area employers who wish to attract talent. 171 Cedar Arts Center truly enhances the quality of life in our community!

Bringing people together to experience culture through exceptional arts education, art exhibits, and live performances is at the heart of our mission.

As we face the future, we embrace our vision to enhance our community by developing balanced, fully realized citizens through the arts. The reality is that it is time to update and renovate our aging, historic facilities, and to refresh programming through innovative arts classes, contemporary exhibits, and engaging performances; and to augment our scholarship program, which has several funds that will sunset in the next few years. After strategic planning and thoughtful consideration, 171’s Board of Directors has determined that a $3 million capital campaign is necessary to sustain and grow 171 Cedar Arts Center. Let’s power art forward together!

171’s Art Powered Forward Capital Campaign will create a restricted fund to:

  • Upgrade and maintain safe and healthy facilities to support programming & optimize capacity
  • Create program enhancements to fulfill unmet needs for arts education
  • Augment scholarship funds to ensure inclusivity and accessibility

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