171 Cedar Art Center has received additional funds from the Edwin Caplin Foundation and Chretien Risley that must be awarded by December 31, 2020. Apply now for winter classes!

Now taking scholarship applications for 2020-21. 171 will continue to take application through December or until all scholarship funds have been awarded.

Before you begin entering information into the scholarship form, please review the questions and required materials. All questions marked with a * are required. Please plan up to one hour to complete the online application process. You can create an account or login to an existing account to save your progress. Be sure to click “Save Draft” before exiting if you are not able to complete in one sitting.


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Describe a significant music or arts related experience in your life and describe the impact it had on you.
Who has been your most significant influence?
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Dance, Visual Arts, Ceramics,Fencing, Language, Culinary, Violin/Viola/Cello/Bass – Private Music Instruction, Piano – Private Music Instruction, Saxophone/Clarinet – Private Music Instruction, Percussion – Private Music Instruction, Flute – Private Music Instruction, Voice – Private Music Instruction, Other

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2020 Scholarship Application

Apply Today!

The 2020 application process has begun

If you cannot complete the form online, you can use the button below to print a paper copy of the application.

Applications can be dropped off at the front desk of the Drake House or mailed to 171 Cedar Arts Center, 171 Cedar St., Corning, NY 14830.

171 Scholarships

Studies have shown that students actively involved with arts learning noticeably improved their critical thinking capacities, interpersonal skills, general academic performance, and overall attitude towards school. Arts education has been shown to level the playing field across socioeconomic boundaries, and to make a measurable, positive impact on at-risk youth.

These are powerful reasons to bring the arts to as many young people as possible. Unfortunately schools are offering less and less in the way of arts education, and many families in our area are not able to afford private instruction.

Scholarship Fund Descriptions

  • Charlene Coleman Holland Scholarship Fund – established in 2007, with funds generously made available to 171 Cedar Arts Center from the family of Charlene Coleman Holland. This scholarship commemorates Mrs. Holland’s interest in the richness of the region’s arts and cultural community. Mrs. Holland was deeply committed to furthering music education and programming in the area and was instrumental in establishing the Center’s first Suzuki program. Additionally, Charlene was the first Executive Director of the Chemung Valley Arts Council (aka The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes) in 1973 and lived in the Corning-Elmira area from 1963 to 2001, when she relocated with her husband to Salt Lake City, Utah, upon his retirement. Holland Scholarships are awarded to students who are currently taking private, or group, piano and/or string lessons at 171 Cedar Arts Center.
  • Edwin Caplin Foundation Scholarship Fund – is committed to fueling passion, encouraging learning, and cultivating philanthropic spirit in the arts through this scholarship, which was established in 2010 to provide financial assistance to students who are participating in the Center’s multi-disciplinary arts-programming.
  • Helen E. Stevenson Memorial Scholarship – established in 2008, by her three sons Rich, Jim, and Andrew Greger, the Helen E. Stevenson Memorial Scholarship extends merit-based arts scholarships to serious art students who have been nominated by their current art instructor or by a member of the community who can speak to their talents and passion.
  • Rosemary Ann Neal Scholarship Fund – established in 2020, by her son and local artisan, Dwayne Thomas Neal, who resides in Big Flats, NY with his partner, Daniel H. Paquette. This scholarship commemorates Rosemary’s love of music and her passion for teaching piano. Scholarships can be for classes in any artistic discipline taught at 171 Cedar Arts Center, and scholarships can also cover associated transportation costs where necessary. Scholarships shall be awarded based on merit and need, as identified by a teacher at the child’s school, or by a faculty member at 171 Cedar Arts Center.
  • 171’s Experience Art Fund – To make it possible for everyone who wishes to take classes here to do so, 171 has established the Experience Art Fund, which allows participation in 171 Cedar Arts Center’s multi-arts programs. The maximum amount of assistance is first determined by the availability of funds and the number of applicants, and then by financial need or merit.

We invite you to contribute to 171’s Experience Art Fund in any amount, and at any time during the year. As little as $5 combined with lots of other $5’s will help us reach our goal of offering the most generous scholarships to deserving students.